New Printable Coloring Page: Midnight Robber

The Midnight Robber is one of the more popular and well loved characters portrayed in the traditional mas of Trinidad and Tobago. A typical Midnight Robber costume consists of a wide brimmed, tassled hat, a cape and accessories such as weapons and/ or a coffin. The Midnight Robber always makes use of a shrill whistle to command the attention of his audience or other Robersons nearby. He performs a drastic and rhythmic speech, often about his ancestry mixed with other themes of history, religion and mythology. At the end of his speech, Midnight Robber will often ask for money.

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Dame Lorraine: Fancy!

This week’s Colouring page is based on the traditional Carnival Character fondly known as Dame Lorraine.

The Dame Lorraine character is a parody of the masquerade played by French planters of the 18th and 19th century. On the Sunday before carnival, they would dress up and parade in fancy costumes of the French aristocracy at group gatherings at private homes where they would also dance sophisticated dances of that period.

The liberated slaves recreated these elaborate costumes with whatever scraps of readily available materials they could collect. They would often emphasize the bosom and behind with pillows or stuffing for added comedic effect.

New Printable Colouring Page: Baby Doll

This week’s colouring page is based on the traditional carnival character called “ Baby Doll”. This character is meant to be a parody of a mother who has an illegitimate child.The main components of this costume are a pleated dress, a bonnet, and most importantly, a doll. They would walk up to men on the streets and accuse them of being the father of the child. Usually, the masquerader will continue to embarrass the man until the baby doll character is given money. This costume is mostly portrayed by young women, however men will sometimes wear this costume and masquerade with a high-pitched voice for comedic effect.

Happy Colouring!

Recent Artwork

Some recent works  between late 2015 and now.

MACHEL 16″ x 20″ Acrylic on Stretched Canvas. Private Commission.
Photo reference: Laura Ferreiraimg_0791


DAVID RUDDER 16″x20″ Acrylic on stretched canvas. Private commissionimg_0090


GOTTI. 10″x 10″ Water color and ink on paper. Private Commision.img_0518


THE JUMPER. 16″x20″ Acrylic on canvas board. SOLDimg_7268


THE LAST SUPPER 20″x 16″ Acrylic on canvas board. Private commission.


CAFE SCENE. 30″x 22″ Water color and ink on paper. Private commission.img_8042


This portrait of Mandela was created for and commissioned by The Rotary Club of Port of Spain.


Recent Works 2013/2014


Dame Lorraine VI, Water colour and ink on paper.



Fancy Indian IV, Acrylic on Canvas board.




Marilyn, Water colour and ink on paper



Lord Kitchener, Water colour and ink on paper.



David Rudder, Water colour and ink on paper



The Mighty Shadow, Water colour and ink on paper.



Machel, water colour and ink on paper.



The Mighty Sparrow, Water colour and ink on paper.




Long time no see!

Wow! I can’t believe August was the last month I posted on this site. I’ve been pretty busy and just haven’t had a moment to sit and post new works and WIPs until now. I’ve been having fun experimenting with neon acrylics and knife painting. A new series called Ultravilet Carnival has emerged from that experiment and I am quite pleased with the response 🙂 You can view this new series by clicking on the image below. Enjoy! 🙂


Work in Progress: President’s House, Trinidad and Tobago

Work in progress


President’s House, Port of Spain.

Recent Artworks

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this site which means I’ve been pretty busy in the studio 😀 Here’s what I’ve been working on.

President's House, Port of Spain

President’s House, Port of Spain  24″x30″, Acrylic on stretched canvas.


Blanchi 22″x 18″, Water colour and ink on paper

Queens Park Savannah

Queens Park Savannah 24″x 20″, Acrylic on canvas board.

Sea Prince, Maracas Beach

Sea Prince, Maracas Beach 22″ x 18″, Water colour and ink on paper.

Work in Progress: Guess who?


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